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1409 Locust St., Terre Haute, IN

Bethany House Household Exchange
This program secures and makes available used and/or surplus items. Items such as furniture, appliances, desks, and other types of household items used in furnishing an apartment or house are available. Items should be clean and free from any rips, tears and stains and in good working condition. Persons needing these items include the homeless, low-income families, mothers on AFDC, fire victims and others in dire need. This program assists donors and the community at-large by saving  dump fees at the landfills, provides a tax deduction to the donor and reduces the flow of items going to the landfill.

Household Exchange F.A.Q.

Do you have any beds?
Availability is based on donations received. Please call for availability.
Will you pick up my used appliances, furniture, etc?
No, we do not have the resources to pick up items.
Who do I call for more information?
Bethany House staff, at (812)232-4978, Option 1 or via email.

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