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Ryves Youth Center offers services to any child who walks through the doors. Many of the children who attend Ryves can be described as "at-risk" because these children come from single parent, female being the head of the household. These children are between three and seventeen years old and about 40% are minority population. No child is turned down from entering our youth center, no matter what their status may be.

EatingRyves Youth Center at Etling Hall is a second home to its children. They bring homework to the center, eat many meals and receive love. There are computers and other technological resources available to the kids. And after homework is completed, Ryves offers all types of activities. This programming exposes children to a whole new world and keeps them off the streets and out of trouble.

Most of our children display problems associated with having to grow up too early. They have experienced or witnessed substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, illiteracy, anger control, sexually activity, teen pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, self mutilation and low self-esteem.

Marsha WintersWe work with many children who are homeless or castaways. Many of our children feel lost and alone. They describe feeling empty and thinking that no one understands what they are going through. Our children receive their only meals either at school or at Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall. These children often get themselves up and ready for school. Most of our children are below the poverty line and are quite happy to receive new or donated clothing and accessories.
United Way
The computers that are used at the youth center are donated by private companies and the internet service is provided by Time Warner. Thank you very much for your donations, everything is greatly appreciated.


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