Mandate from Pope Benedict XVI

As read by Father William Stumpf, moderator of the Curia, at the ordination Mass of Bishop Christopher J. Coyne on March 2, 2011

To our beloved son, Christopher J. Coyne, presbyter of the Archdiocese of Boston and, until now, pastor there of St. Margaret Mary Parish in Westwood, appointed auxiliary of the Metropolitan See of Indianapolis and, at the same time, promoted to the titular See of Mopta, greetings and apostolic blessing.

Not long ago, our venerable brother Daniel Mark Buechlein, O.S.B., metropolitan archbishop of Indianapolis, requested from this Apostolic See an auxiliary bishop, owing to the pastoral needs of the Church entrusted to him.  We, who are the successor of Blessed Peter and father of the Church universal, judged that his petition ought to be readily granted.  And, indeed, you, beloved son, endowed as you are with outstanding qualities of mind and heart as well as pastoral experience, seem suitable for undertaking that office.

Therefore, having accepted the advice of the Congregation for Bishops, by our supreme apostolic authority, we appoint you auxiliary of Indianapolis and, likewise, name you titular bishop of Mopta, together with all the rights and obligations which, according to the norm of law, are connected to the episcopal dignity and the aforementioned office.

You may receive ordination from any Catholic bishop outside the city of Rome, the liturgical laws being observed.  However, prior to this, in accord with the sacred canons, you must make the profession of the Catholic faith and take the oath of fidelity toward us and our successors, being sure to send the formulas of these acts to the abovementioned congregation.

Finally, beloved son, united in fraternal charity with the zealous archbishop of Indianapolis, be sure to fulfill the office entrusted to you with all your strength, relying especially on God, our most attentive Father, who looks after each person with great love.  In addition, may Mary the Immaculate, glorious and blessed Virgin, look kindly upon you from above.

Given at Rome at St. Peter’s on the fourteenth day of the month of January in the year of the Lord 2011, the sixth of our pontificate.

- Pope Benedict XVI

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