Other Bishops

From the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the following have gone as bishops:

Right Rev. Auguste M. Martin

Born in Rennes, France, in 1808. Ordained at Rennes, 1828. Came to the United States with Bishop Hailandière in1839 and was made vicar general of the diocese. In 1847, he went to New Orleans and in 1852 became vicar general of that diocese. Consecrated bishop of Natchitoches, LA, November 30, 1853, by Archbishop Anthony Blanc of New Orleans, assisted by Bishop Michael Portier of Mobile and Bishop Oliver Van de Velde, SJ, of Natchez. Died September 29, 1875.


Right Rev. Martin Marty, OSB

Born in Switzerland, January 11, 1834. Ordained at Einsiedeln, September 14, 1856. Made first abbot of Saint Meinrad in 1871. Consecrated titular bishop of Tiberias and vicar apostolic of the Dakota Territory at Ferdinand, IN, February 1, 1880, by Bishop Francis Silas Chatard, assisted by Bishop Rupert Seidenbusch, OSB, of St. Cloud, MN, and Abbot Innocent Wolf, OSB, of Atchison, KS. Made bishop of Sioux Falls, SD, 1889. Transferred to St. Cloud, January 21, 1895. Died September 19, 1896, at St. Cloud.


Right Rev. Denis O’Donaghue

Born in Daviess County, IN, November 30, 1848. Ordained at Indianapolis September 6, 1874. Chancellor of the diocese from 1878 to 1899. Vicar general, March 19, 1899. Named titular bishop of Pomario and auxiliary to the bishop of Indianapolis, February 13, 1900. Consecrated in St. John the Evangelist Church, Indianapolis, April 25, 1900, by Archbishop William Elder of Cincinnati, assisted by Bishop John Samuel Foley of Detroit and Bishop Thomas Sebastian Byrne of Nashville. Named bishop of Louisville, February 9, 1910. Enthroned in the cathedral at Louisville, March 29, 1910. Died November 7, 1925, at Louisville.


Right Rev. Herman Alerding

Born at Ibbenbeuren, Diocese of Münster, Germany, April 13, 1845. Ordained at Saint Meinrad, September 22, 1868. Named bishop of Fort Wayne, August 30, 1900. Consecrated in the cathedral at Fort Wayne, November 30, 1900, by Arch­bishop William Elder of Cincinnati, assisted by Bishop Denis O’Donaghue, auxiliary of Indianapolis, and Bishop Henry Moeller of Columbus. Died December 6, 1924, at Fort Wayne.


Most Rev. Emmanuel B. Ledvina

Born in Evansville, IN, October 28, 1868. Ordained priest at Indianapolis, March 18, 1893. Became secretary of the Catholic Church Extension Society at Chicago, later vice president, September 9, 1907. Appointed domestic prelate, June 18, 1918. Bishop-elect of Corpus Christi, April 30, 1921. Consecrated at
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, June 14, 1921, by Bishop Joseph Chartrand, assisted by Bishop Joseph Patrick Lynch of Dallas and Bishop Cornelius Van de Ven of Alexandria. Died Decem­ber 16, 1952, at Corpus Christi.


Most Rev. Alphonse John Smith

Born in Madison, IN, November 14, 1883. Ordained at Rome, April 18, 1908. Established the parish of St. Joan of Arc, Indianapolis. Bishop-elect of Nash­ville, December 23, 1923. Consecrated, March 25, 1924, in the cathedral at Indianapolis by Bishop Joseph Chartrand, assisted by Bishop Emmanuel Ledvina of Corpus Christi and Bishop Samuel A. Stritch of Toledo. Died Dec­­ember 16, 1935, at Nashville.


Most Rev. James Hugh Ryan, STD, PhD

Born in Indianapolis, December 15, 1886. Ordained in Rome, June 5, 1909. Chaplain and professor of philosophy at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, 1911. Secretary of educational department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference at Washington, DC, June 15, 1921. Domestic prelate, September 10, 1927. Appointed rector of The Catholic University of America by His Holiness Pope Pius XI, July 12, 1928. Prothonotary apostolic, August 5, 1929. Titular bishop of Modra, August 15, 1933. Consecrated, October 25, 1933, in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Con­ception, Washington, DC, by Bishop Joseph Chartrand, assisted by Bishop Thomas E. Molloy of Brooklyn and Bishop Joseph E. Ritter of Indianapolis. Appointed bishop of Omaha, August 6, 1935. First archbishop of Omaha, August 17, 1945. Died November 23, 1947, at Omaha.


Most Rev. William Donald Borders

Born in Washington, IN, October 9, 1913. Son of Zelpha Ann (Queen) and Thomas M. Borders. Ordained at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA, on May 18, 1940, by Archbishop Joseph F. Rummel, DD. Served as army chaplain during World War II. Named domestic prelate in 1963. Named first bishop of Orlando, FL, June 14, 1968, by Pope Paul VI. Appointed 13th archbishop of Baltimore, MD, April 2, 1974, and was installed on June 26, 1974. Retired April 6, 1989.
Most Rev. Thomas J. O’Brien
Born in Indianapolis, November 29, 1935. Son of Mary Ellen (O’Donnell) and Frank R. O’Brien, St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Indianapolis. Ordained at Saint Meinrad, May 7, 1961, for the diocese of Tucson, AZ. Appointed vicar general of the diocese of Phoenix, June 6, 1978. Made prelate of honor by Pope John Paul II on February 8, 1981. Elected administrator of the Phoenix diocese on May 18, 1981. Ordained third bishop of Phoenix at Rome by Pope John Paul II,
January 6, 1982, and was installed in Phoenix, January 18, 1982; resigned as bishop of Phoenix, 2003.


Most Rev. Gerald A. Gettelfinger

Born in Frenchtown, IN, October 20, 1935. Son of Mary (Kiesler) and Gerald A. Gettelfinger, St. Bernard Parish, Frenchtown. Ordained at Saint Meinrad Seminary, St. Meinrad, IN, May 7, 1961. Appointed chancellor of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, May 1, 1980, and vicar general of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis,
July 1, 1988. On January 26, 1983, named a prelate of honor by Pope John Paul II. Served as pastor of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral Parish, Indianapolis, 1981-1989. Named fourth bishop of Evansville, March 8, 1989, by Pope John Paul II. Ordained April 11, 1989 by Archbishop Edward T. O’Meara of Indianapolis assisted by Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien of Phoenix and Bishop Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB, of Memphis. Installed in St. Benedict Church, Evansville, IN, April 11, 1989.


Most Rev. William E. Lori

Born in Louisville, KY, May 6, 1951, a native of New Albany. Son of Margaret (Caradonna) and Francis Lori of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Clarksville. Ordained at St. Matthew Cathedral, Washington, DC, May 14, 1977. Served in the ecumenical office of the Washington archdiocese from 1982-1984 when he was named secretary and theological advisor to Cardinal James A. Hickey. In 1994, appointed chancellor, vicar general, and moderator of the curia of the Archdiocese of Washington. Named auxiliary bishop of Washington by Pope John Paul II February 28, 1995. Ordained by Cardinal Hickey, joined by Cardinals William H. Keeler and William W. Baum, April 20, 1995, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC.



The Most Reverend Henry Moeller, former archbishop of Cincinnati, although not a priest of the Diocese of Vincennes, acted as secretary to Bishop Chatard at St. John the Evangelist Church, Indianapolis, during the year 1880, until recalled to Cincinnati to become chancellor of that archdiocese.

The Most Reverend Vincent Wehrle, OSB, former bishop of Bismarck, was for a time assistant priest at Jasper.

The Most Reverend Henry J. Tihen, former bishop of Denver, was born in Oldenburg, IN.

The Most Reverend Albert Daeger, OFM, former archbishop of Santa Fe, was a native of St. Anne Parish, Jennings County, Indiana, and was for a time at Oldenburg.

His Eminence, the Most Reverend John F. O’Hara, CSC, late cardinal archbishop of Philadelphia, former president of the University of Notre Dame, former bishop of Buffalo, was a son of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral Parish, Indianapolis.

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