Miter Society

Miter members have answered the call to reflect on sacrificial giving. Their generous financial contributions and personal sacrifices make a significant impact on our annual effort to combine resources with parishes and ministries throughout the archdiocese. Last year, more than 1,000 Miter Society members contributed $2.64 million of the $6.2 million raised to fund ministry needs.

The Miter Society seeks members who keep the needs of the local Church in central and southern Indiana among their charitable giving priorities through annual contributions of $1,500 or more. Miter Society members are honored annually for being a source of inspiration and encouragement to the many people affected and served by our Church’s ministries.

Our ministries and programs depend on your gifts to the United Catholic Appeal. The Appeal is an opportunity for you to express your compassion for others through the ministries of the Church.

Please pray about how you will share your many blessings that God has given you with others. If $1,500 or more is not possible, your gift – no matter the size – is so important to funding ministry.  Generous gifts are at work through:

  • Training catechists for passing on Jesus’ message and teachers to proclaim the Word of God in our Catholic schools
  • Supporting the education and formation of our future priests who lovingly and joyfully walk with us in our journey of faith and caring for retired priests who have devoted themselves to the vineyard of the Lord
  • Serving the poor and helping those most in need

Learn more about Miter Society Benefits in this brochure

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