Human Trafficking: A Global Issue with Local Impacts

The International Labour Office estimates that there are approximately 25 million men, women, and children subjected to labor or sex trafficking worldwide. It is important to understand how to prevent and recognize incidents of human trafficking within your own community. 

SCCB/MRS and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis strives to fulfill the Church’s commitment to combat human trafficking and fight for a fair way of life for all through outreach and engagement programs. These initiatives rely on community and faith leaders like you to join the movement in defending the inherent right of every human being to freedom, justice, and protection.

Archdiocese of Indianapolis – Catholic Charities
Anti-Trafficking Ministry

Catholic Charities, of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, would like to support our parish communities in better understanding what is human trafficking and its impact on so many by providing an Anti-Trafficking 101 Presentation and toolkit resources.   

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Catholic Charities Anti-Trafficking Program is a member of the USCCB Become a Shepherd program.

What is the USCCB Become a SHEPHERD program?

Stop Human Trafficking and Exploitation. Protect, Help, Empower, and Restore Dignity (SHEPHERD) educates lay and religious leaders about human trafficking from a Catholic perspective, equipping them with needed knowledge and skills to combat forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation at the local level.

To request an Anti-Trafficking 101 presentation to help your parish community better understand what is human trafficking and its impact, please contact…

Dcn. John Hosier –

- or -

Theresa Chamblee –

Anti-Trafficking Toolkit

From Awareness Raising to Action: Engagement Activities

Learn different ways your community and/or parish can responsibly address human trafficking today. The activities provided in this unit vary and can be tailored to your local reality. These easy to adapt engagement and outreach ideas on how to responsibly address human trafficking in your community will empower you and your group to make a real difference.  (I attached the documents in the email that did not have a web link.)

Downloadable Materials for Distribution

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