Sponsor Couples

A sponsor couple is a married couple that mentors an engaged couple to help them prepare for the vocation of marriage and family life by sharing their experiences, teaching skills in communication and discipleship, and exploring the strength and growth areas of the engaged couple’s relationship using an approved marriage inventory tool.

What is a marriage inventory?

A marriage inventory is a tool that uses scientific data to identify the strengths and growth areas of a couple’s relationship at a particular moment in time. While there is information that every couple needs to know, the inventory allows for marriage preparation to be customized to the couple’s strengths and needs. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. Rather, the bride and groom each answer a series of questions about some important areas of building a healthy relationship, and then a mentor couple goes over the results with them and fosters good conversation. They meet for several session, and receive a certificate at the end, which is included in their marriage preparation file.

Are there specific inventories we should use?

Yes – In the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, parishes may choose from the following marriage inventories:




Fully Engaged


Sacramental and Discipleship Formation

Every engaged couple needs a “relationship skills” component and a faith-based component to their marriage preparation. Some parishes have Sponsor Couples for the relationship skills portion, using a marriage inventory, and they send the engaged couple on a live or virtual retreat for the sacramental formation part. Other parishes may use Sponsor Couples for both the relationship skills and the faith-based component. In this case, the Sponsor Couple will also use catechetical materials to talk about God’s plan for the Vocation of Marriage and Family Life.

Faith-Based Programs for Sponsor Couples

Retreat Options for Engaged Couples

Please visit our Retreat page for information on live on-site as well as on-line options for marriage preparation retreats.

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