You Are Not Alone

Hope and Healing for Survivors of Suicide Loss

Suicide has become so prevalent in today's world, and especially in our local faith community. It's the 2nd leading cause of death in Indiana for ages 15-34, which impacts so many loved ones. We are addressing the emotional, spiritual, and healing journey after suicide loss through this series of programs for loss survivors. Click here for more information and to view and share our brochure

You Are Not Alone Retreat *UPDATED DATE*

You Are Not Alone retreat is led by Christine Turo-Shields, LCSW, EMDR Certified Therapist, Fr. Jim Farrell, Sr. Connie Kramer, SP & Loss Survivors Panel including Judy Proctor and Lisa Thibault, and provides a forum for faith believers and Catholics in particular to come together to grieve, share experiences, and learn how God helps them on their journey of survival after a suicide tragedy. Our Weekend Retreat hopes to offer tools to aid in grief work and survival through books, prayer, and activities.


Retreat Registration: $25/Person or $50/ Married Couple

Registration Includes: Program, Meals, Snacks, Guest Room to use during the Program, & Optional Overnight Accommodations. Click here to register online or contact our Registrar, Jennifer Burger at (317) 545-7681 or email,


You Are Not Alone is made possible by contributions of many in our community who are passionate about education on suicide prevention and the need for healing for survivors of suicide loss.