November 25, 2010

Vatican Information Service Bulletin

The following, in it's entirety, is a copyrighted transcript of the Vatican Information Service.



VATICAN CITY, 25 NOV 2010 (VIS) - The Holy Father:

 - Accepted the resignation from the office of auxiliary of the archdiocese of Medellin, Colombia, presented by Bishop Jorge Ivan Castano Rubio C.M.F., upon having reached the age limit.

 - Appointed Msgr. Luigi Marrucci of the clergy of the diocese of Volterra, Italy, vice national ecclesiastical assistant of UNITALSI, as bishop of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia (area 876, population 89,295, Catholics 87,295, priests 78, permanent deacons 14, religious 177), Italy. The bishop-elect was born in Montescudaio, Italy in 1945 and ordained a priest in 1970.

- Appointed Bishop Patrick D'Rozario C.S.C. of Chittagong, Bangladesh, as coadjutor archbishop of Dhaka (area 26,788, population 31,289,807, Catholics 79,816, priests 120, religious 709), Bangladesh. The archbishop-elect was born in Chittagong in 1943, he was ordained a priest in 1972 and consecrated a bishop in 1990.

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