January 8, 2010

Vatican Information Service Bulletin

The following, in it's entirety, is a copyrighted transcript of the Vatican Information Service.



VATICAN CITY, 8 JAN 2010 (VIS) - In a traditional meeting that takes place every year in January, Benedict XVI today received members of the General Inspectorate for Public Security in the Vatican.

  In his remarks the Pope thanked the agents for the work they do to maintain public order in St. Peter's Square and the area around the Vatican, highlighting how their task "is particularly important for the mission of the Roman Pontiff".

  "Your efforts", he went on, "favour a climate of serenity and tranquillity which gives those who come to the centre of Christianity the chance to enjoy an authentic religious experience, in contact with the fundamental monuments of the Christian faith such as the tomb of the Apostle Peter, the relics of many saints and the tombs of numerous Pontiffs, loved and venerated by Christian people".

  Recalling then the "commitment and great responsibility" required of the agents in the performance of their duties, the Pope told them that their work should be "a special way to serve the Lord, almost as if to 'prepare the way for Him', so that each pilgrim's and each visitor's experience at the centre of Christianity may represent a special occasion to encounter the Lord Who changes lives".

  The Holy Father concluded by expressing the hope that the work undertaken by the agents of the General Inspectorate for Public Security "may make you ever stronger and more coherent in your faith", and he encouraged them "not to be afraid or ashamed to express that faith in your own families, in the workplace and wherever you may find yourselves".



VATICAN CITY, 8 JAN 2010 (VIS) - The Holy Father today received in separate audiences:

 - Cardinal Camillo Ruini, His Holiness' vicar general emeritus for the diocese of Rome.

 - Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer S.J., secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.



VATICAN CITY, 8 JAN 2010 (VIS) - The Holy Father appointed:

 - Bishop Anthony C. Fisher O.P., auxiliary of Sydney, Australia, as bishop of Parramatta (area 4,289, population 973,341, Catholics 319,278, priests 150, permanent deacons 6, religious 376), Australia.

 - Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums, and Maria Cristina Carlo-Stella, bureau chief at the Fabric of St. Peter's, respectively, as president and secretary of the Permanent Commission for the Custody of Historical and Artistic Monuments of the Holy See.

 - Msgr. Nicolas Henry Marie Denis Thevenin, nunciature counsellor, to the College of Apostolic Protonotaries "de numero participantium".

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