February 7, 2006

Vatican Information Service Bulletin

The following, in it's entirety, is a copyrighted transcript of the Vatican Information Service.


- Telegram Regarding Assassination of a Jesuit in Burundi
- Academy for Life on the Human Embryo



 VATICAN CITY, 7 FEB 2006 (VIS) - Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State, has sent the following telegram of condolences, on behalf of the Holy Father, to Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Apostolic Nuncio in Burundi, regarding the assassination of Fr. Elie Koma, S.J., on Saturday, February 4th.

   "Upon learning about the tragic death of Fr. Elie Koma, S.J., the Holy Father asked me to express to all the members of his family and to his brother Jesuits his profound sorrow, offering a fervent prayer to the Lord of Life for the dead and for all of those in mourning. The Pope gives thanks for all the work accomplished by Fr. Koma in the service of the spiritual growth of those who have benefited from his apostolate. His Holiness also exhorts those who continue committing acts of violence to definitively renounce such works of death, so that the inhabitants of this country may live in peace and security. Trusting in the maternal solicitude of Mary for those coming together in faith for the funeral, the Holy Father sends you, as a sign of consolation, a special apostolic blessing, so that God may guard you in peace and in hope."



 VATICAN CITY, 7 FEB 2006 (VIS) - The Pontifical Academy for Life, on the 27th through the 28th of February, will celebrate in the New Synod Hall of the Vatican a congress dedicated to the theme "The Human Embryo Before Implantation: Scientific Update and Bioethical Considerations" following the XII General Assembly of this institution (March 1st).

   The opening of the symposium will be led by Bishop Elio Sgreccia, President of the Academy for Life. Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, President of the Pontifical Council for Heath Pastoral Care will subsequently address the symposium on the theme "The Culture of Death Against the Culture of Life in the Teachings of Evangelium Vitae."

   The sessions will deal with, among other topics, the development of the human embryo prior to implantation, the diagnostic of the embryo, both prenatal and before implantation, and the bio-anthropological status of the embryo prior to implantation. In the afternoon of February 28th, there will be a roundtable discussion in which diverse academics will discuss the question: "Is the Human Embryo a Person?"



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