July 21, 2005

Vatican Information Service Bulletin

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- May Peace Prevail against Terrorism

- In Memoriam






VATICAN CITY, JUL 21, 2005 (VIS) - Yesterday afternoon, Benedict XVI made a trip to Val Grisanche in the alpine region of Valle d'Aosta in northwest Italy where he is spending his vacation. On his return to the chalet in which he is staying, he paused to greet a group of young people and to answer questions from journalists.


  As his car arrived at the chalet, the Pope requested the driver to stop, and he got out and spent ten minutes greeting people and answering reporters' questions. Asked about the July 7 attacks in London, the Holy Father said that if it is true that "terrorism is irrational" and therefore impervious to signs, then dialogue can at least "be one element, a cry of alarm, an invitation to abandon terrorism."


  Benedict XVI also pointed out that, even following the London attacks, there is no clash of civilizations in the world, only "small fanatical groups." In this context, he stressed the importance of "dialogue between the three religions that recognize Abraham as father."


  The Pope also underlined the need "to pray that the desire, which exists throughout the world and is clearly against all violence, may prevail and grow stronger."


   On the subject of his vacation in the Valle d'Aosta, the Holy Father said: "It is a marvelous holiday, everything here is beautiful, it is a paradise."


  Benedict XVI arrived in his chalet at the locality of Les Combes on July 11 and will remain until July 28 when he will travel to the pontifical residence of Castelgandolfo south of Rome.






VATICAN CITY, JUL 21, 2005 (VIS) - The following prelates died in recent weeks:


 - Bishop Mansuet Dela Biyase of Eshowe, South Africa, on June 26, at the age of 72.


 - Bishop Joseph P. Delaney of Fort Worth, U.S.A., on July 12, at the age of 70.


 - Bishop Jose Vicente Henriquez Andueza S.D.B., emeritus of Maracay, Venezuela, on July 14, at the age of 77.


 - Bishop Mario Jose Serra, former auxiliary of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 9, at the age of 79.


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