February 23, 2018

Reflection / Ann Wolski

Our own gold medal moments

Considering that I am old and very non‑athletic, my hope of ever achieving Olympic success probably won’t happen. But it seems to me that we can all win the game of life through our special gold medal moments.

These moments may be big or small, but linked together they create a total winning life achievement. Some gold medal moments might include:

  • Finding a partner to build a life with;
  • Raising children who become amazing young adults;
  • Having a friend say “thanks for being there for me”;
  • Making a dream a reality—a college education, a fulfilling career, traveling the world, or encouraging others to achieve their goals;
  • Considering every day a gift to enjoy and cherish;
  • Taking care of your body and mind through healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Being told “impossible,” and then making it happen;
  • Finding the strength to face challenges that seem unfathomable;
  • Dedicating your life to being the best person you know you can be.

These accomplishments may not receive the accolades of millions of people around the world. Some of these skills won’t even get you applause, but maybe our private gold medal moments are all we need to achieve a gold medal in life.

And, in creating a gold medal life, we are all champions.

(Ann Wolski is a member of St. Matthew the Apostle Parish in Indianapolis.)

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