April 8, 2005


† May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace †

ANDRES, William, 87, St. Augus­tine, Jeffersonville, March 13. Husband of Jeanne Andres. Father of Barbara, Bob and William Andres. Grand­father of two.

BECKER, Clara L., 95, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, March 16. Mother of Harold and James Becker. Sister of Dorothy Rogers and Louis Weber. Grand­mother of two. Great-grandmother of seven. Great-great-grandmother of one.

BOGENSCHUTZ, Michael, 46, Holy Family, Oldenburg, March 27. Husband of Lois (Hudepohl) Bogenschutz. Father of Jeffrey Bogenschutz. Brother of Teresa Hall, Deb Hartman, Judy Wilson, Tom and Tony Bogenschutz.

BRANCHEAU, Timothy, 67, St. Roch, Indianapolis, March 16. Father of Dana Copes.

BRINKER, Robert, 79, St. Andrew, Richmond, March 23. Father of Ellen Coley, Ellane and Patricia Brinker. Grand­father of two. Great-grandfather of five.

BUHLER, Marie C., 85, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, March 16. Mother of Mary Lacy and A. Christopher Buhler. Grand­mother of five.

CLARK, John Joseph, 83, Holy Cross, Indianapolis, Feb. 9. Brother of Virginia Clark and Margaret Werner.

DOLD, Clara Elizabeth, 92, St. Paul, Sellersburg, March 23. Mother of Betty Fraley and Carolyn Ann Hamm. Sister of Antoinette Lukemeier and Frank Ulrich. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of nine.

DORAN, R. Vernelle, 76, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, March 24. Mother of Michele Farris, Christopher and Michael Doran. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of one.

FELLERMAN, RaymondGeorge, 84, St. John, Osgood, March 21. Father of Mary Carol Brackett, Donna Tracey, Sondra, Carl, Michael and Raymond Fellerman. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of seven.

GOLD, Mildred Marie (Wilson), 77, Holy Name, Beech Grove, March 27. Wife of William Gold. Mother of Carol and Janet Taylor. Sister of Eleanora Smith. Grandmother of five.

GRANTZ, Roberta Lee, 67, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, March 16. Mother of Lee Ann Lamay, Beth, Pam, Bobby and Mark Grantz.

GRUNER, Jerry, 45, Sacred Heart, Indianapolis, March 30. Husband of Donna (Medcalf) Gruner. Father of Jeremy and Joshua Gruner. Son of Jackie Gruner. Brother of Eddie Gruner.

GUIMONT, Richard Lefebvre, 96, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, March 11. Hus­band of Roberta Guimont. Father of William Kayler, Richard and Rodney Guimont. Brother of Aldoma Guimont. Grandfather of 18. Great-grandfather of 13.

HALL, Walter Lee, Jr., 75, Holy Cross, Indianapolis, Jan. 19. Father of Autumn, Fran, Kathleen, Timothy and Walter Hall III. Son of Ethel (Downs) and Walter Lee Hall Sr. Brother of Madonna Crabtree, Virginia Deardorff and James Hall. Grandfather of four.

HIPSKIND, James Norman, 71, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, March 21. Husband of Juliane Hipskind. Father of Maureen Lowell, Suzanne McHugh, Anne, James, Kevin and Jesuit Father Timothy Hipskind. Brother of Suzanne Southern, Jeanette and Timothy Hipskind. Grandfather of 12.

HUG, Harriett S., 64, St. Jo­seph, Indianapolis, March 14. Mother of Brenda, Michael and Royce Hug. Daughter of Harold Keil. Sister of Beverly Clapp, Regina Carney and David Keil. Grandmother of six.

KING, Morris, 73, St. Barna­bas, Indianapolis, March 25. Husband of Roberta King. Father of Mary King, Marlene and Morris Brown. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of two.

KREMER, LeRoy N., 88, St. Barna­bas, Indianapolis, March 22. Husband of Kathleen Dillane (Mitchum) Kremer. Father of Deborah Bullington, Karen, Daniel and Kenneth Kremer, John and Michael Mitchum. Brother of Aloysius and Robert Kremer. Grandfather of four. Step-grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of five. Step-great-grandfather of two.

MARSHALL, John H., 84, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indian­a­polis, March 22. Husband of Joan (Smerdel) Marshall. Father of Jean-Marie, Daniel and John Marshall. Brother of James Marshall. Grandfather of one.

McGRATH, Patricia J., 86, St. Mary, New Albany, March 23. Sister of Elizabeth McGrath.

McHUGH, Michael Patrick, 51, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Indianapolis, March 23. Hus­band of Jeanne (O’Connor) McHugh. Father of Anthony, Christopher and Kevin McHugh. Son of Agnes (Budenz) McHugh. Brother of Mary Binkley, Angela Hert, Kathy Threewits, Margaret, David and James McHugh.

MILLER, Lu, 63, St. John, Osgood, March 26. Wife of John Miller. Mother of Pam Thomas, Roger and Ron Miller. Sister of Linda Fryer, Joe, Les and Richard Schmidt. Grandmother of six.

O’BRIEN, Peggy Beth (Bass), 62, St. Jude, Indianapolis, March 17. Wife of Michael O’Brien Sr. Mother of Michelle Almond, Debbie and Bob Bag­ley, Chris­tine and Chuck Black­hurst, Jill and Larry Fanning, Joy and Scott Ortwein, Robert and Shirley Ortwein, Michael and Julie O’Brien Jr. Daughter of Imogene Bass. Sister of Greg Bass. Grandmother of 14.

O’SHEA, Margaret M.(Bushman), 77, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, March 10. Mother of Kathleen Hermann, Mary Redmond, Brian, Christopher, James, Mark, Stephen and Tim O’Shea. Grandmother of 23. Great-grandmother of four.

PIERCE, Desmia D., 40, St. Paul, Sellersburg, March 20. Mother of Logan Johnson. Daughter of Dr. Gene Pierce Sr. Sister of Cathy Paradise, Mela­nie Prior, Holly, Gene Jr., Greg and Mike Pierce, Austin, Chris and Vic Hunt.

SCHAFER, Patricia J., 78, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarks­ville, March 17. Mother of Dawn Cain, Celine Day, Marty, Rick and Rob Schafer. Grand­mother of 12. Great-grandmother of six.

SCHOETTMER, Mary Joan, 77, St. Mary, Greensburg, March 23. Wife of Leonard Schoettmer Sr. Mother of Joyce Comer, Mary Ann Smith, Charles, Joseph, Leonard, Patrick, Stanley and Stephen Schoettmer. Sister of Lois Laudick, Luella Lecher, Elvera Wissel, Bernard, Edgar and Vernon Harpring. Grandmother of 20. Great-grandmother of two.

SCHUCK, Edward C., 84, Holy Guardian Angels, Cedar Grove, March 26. Husband of Hazel (Clark) Schuck. Father of Diane Alig, Diane, Richard E. and Richard N. Schuck. Brother of Jean McGlothlin, Fred and Jim Dole. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of three.

SHAW, Josephine M., 81, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, March 24. Wife of John Shaw. Mother of Diane Butler and Carol Steinmetz. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of six.

SIMPSON, Geraldine (Hieatt), 75, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarks­ville, March 20. Mother of Bette Gies, Janet Hellinger, Deborah McDonough and Theodore Simpson. Sister of Shirley Evans, Barbara Reuben, Dorothy Westcott and Russell Hieatt. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of seven.

TODD, John Richard, 84, St. Mary, Rushville, March 26. Uncle of several.

WARREN, Caroleen, 48, St. Michael, Greenfield, March 19. Wife of Steven Warren. Mother of Benjamin and David Warren. Daughter of Joyce Jensen. Sister of Kenneth Jensen.

WIENCEK, Bernice, 93, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, March 20. Grandmother of ­several. †

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