Clients' RightsNYO

Agency Mission Statement: Guided by Catholic social teaching, we consider it a privilege to deliver compassionate and caring service to help and empower those in need. We are called by the Gospel to uphold the dignity of all people.

  1. Catholic Charities offers its services without discrimination with regard to race, religion, color, creed, social-economic level, gender, sexual orientation, age or handicapping conditions.
  2. Catholic Charities is required to keep records. All client records are confidential. If you feel that there may be an error in your record, speak directly with the staff person responsible for your case.
  3. In all cases, clients are expected to actively participate in their service planning. In most cases, they can view their own file and make entries into this file if they feel it is necessary to better understand the service plan that has been developed.
  4. We are eager to serve you. Should you have any concern about agency policies or procedures or about the staff working with you, please feel free to discuss your concerns with staff. You do have a right to inform the agency of such concerns and you do have the right to file a grievance. Anyone on staff with Catholic Charities can inform you of how to pursue this course of action. 
  5. All services of Catholic Charities are received voluntarily. Any client or prospective client of the agency shall have the right to refuse service or participation in any agency program. 
  6. Catholic Charities is interested in providing the resources to meet the needs of our community. We are eager to hear from you regarding any areas of need that you believe we should become involved with.  Please feel free to tell our staff of your ideas.
  7. Catholic Charities Indianapolis prohibits the use of restrictive behavior management practices, by its personnel including the use of restrictive interventions such as isolation, manual or mechanical restraint, or locked seclusion.
  • In cases involving services from our eldercare programs, age guidelines apply.
  • In cases involving services which are paid for by government contracts, income guidelines apply.

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