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The Catholic Help Network is a searchable website that was developed primarily for our parishes, both staff and volunteers, because they are often the first ones answering requests for help. However, this tool can be used by every school, organization, and parish to find other Catholic organizations' charitable projects and services. 

Catholic Help Network's goal is to include every social ministry offered by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We have provided this resource page to help answer any questions you may have about the database.

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What qualifies as a “Social Ministry”?

A social ministry is a program or structured service which links us together as human beings. These services provide physical, material, and emotional support. Specifically social ministries meet basic needs or are organized ways for individuals to learn of the needs of others.  Social ministries could include services where individuals outside of your organization are aided, such as food and material assistance, Gabriel Project or Catholic Relief Service programs.  Social ministries could also include ministries where those within your organization are supported, such as bereavement support or a substance abuse ministry.   Faith sharing communities would also fall under “Social Ministry”.  Some examples would be Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul Society, MOM’s group, a JustFaith Ministries’ program, or CRHP. Click here to see the list of ministries we currently include

The information on my listing is incorrect or outdated, how do I correct it?

Click here to update a ministry already listed in the database. In addition, on each Search Results page, there is a link in the top paragraph for a form titled, “Fill Out This Form,” that will allow you to correct or update your listing.   Fill out the form with the correct information and click “Submit.” The corrections will be made as soon as possible.

How often is information in the database updated?

All parishes, schools, agencies, and organizations listed in the archdiocese’s official directory will be contacted once a year and asked for any updates, changes or new items to add to their ministry listings. New ministries can always be updated using this link.

What should we put if our volunteers do not want their name and contact information listed in the database?

If a volunteer is not comfortable having their name listed on the database, the parish/organization can state under ministry contact information to “Call Office for Details”.  In these instances, only the parish/organization number and email will be listed.

What ministries are considered “Other Outreach” or “Other National Affiliation?”

“Other National Affiliations” would include groups that are an affiliation or a chapter of a larger affiliation such as Knights of Columbus or Legatus Society of Indiana.  “Other Outreach” would be miscellaneous ministries that generally do not fall under any other category such as a Prayer Shawl Ministry.

What ministry groups fall under “Small-Faith Sharing Communities?”

Small-faith sharing communities are small groups that meet to share their faith through a structured setting and offer support to one another. These could include groups such as Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP), Cursillo, or Ministry of Mom’s Sharing (MOM’s group).

My organization/parish partners with an outside organization as part of an outreach.   Should we include this group in the Catholic Help Network?

Yes, if this outside organization is how your organization/ parish provides that service.   For example, many rural parishes are part of a coalition that includes several churches who share in the responsibility of providing assistance to the community.

What is the difference between “Poverty and Social Concerns Education” and “Social Justice Committees?”

“Social Justice Committees,” or sometimes known as Peace and Justice Committees, is a committee recognized by the parish as the group that is working to educate their parish in an organized way. “Poverty and Social Concerns Education” would include structured programs such as a poverty simulation program, which are prepared programs that are provided by another institution, but offered locally by representatives of the parish.

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