Life as a Bishop Bruté Seminarian

The Bishop Bruté University Seminary is located in one mile south of Marian University. All seminarians live together and participate as a community in an ongoing formation program centered upon daily celebration of the Eucharist and praying the Liturgy of the Hours each day as a seminary community. The program of formation also includes weekly formation conferences, opportunities to participate in eucharistic adoration three times per week, an annual retreat, ministry opportunities, individual spiritual direction, days of recollection, and a wide range of other activities offered to enhance the human, spiritual, and cultural formation of University men discerning a priestly vocation.

Bishop Bruté seminarians are enrolled as students at Marian University and are an important part of the University community. Most seminarians take part in intramural sports or various other clubs and organizations on campus and are encouraged to be involved in campus life. Students attend class with other Marian University students and eat their meals in the campus dining hall. While seminarians are expected to make their commitment to formation activities and academic coursework their top priorities, there is generally ample time to take part in the many exciting activities offered on campus.

  • Requirements
  • Admission to the Bishop Bruté College Seminary as a seminarian is based upon the following criteria:
    • You must be a practicing Catholic who is discerning a vocational call to the priesthood.
    • You must have received a high school diploma and be admitted to Marian University as a student.
    • You must be affiliated as a seminarian with a Catholic diocese or in the process of seeking affiliation with a diocese.
    • You must possess the human qualities necessary for serving as a priest.
  • Pending approval from the Rector, students may apply to live in the seminary on a trial basis for one semester.
  • During that semester the student is expected to participate in all seminary activities while discerning the possibility of affiliating with his diocese.  By the end of the semester, the student must begin the process of affiliation with his diocese in order to continue participation in the seminary program.

Seminarians ordinarily major in Catholic studies, a program of philosophy and theology courses that is designed to help students prepare for major seminary. The philosophy and theology faculty at Marian are a well-respected group of professors who work hard to meet the individual needs of University students. Seminarians also take a wide range of other courses required to receive a Marian University degree; however, it is possible for students to major in fields of study in addition to the Catholic studies major.

Marian University

Marian University is a Catholic University dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning in the Franciscan and liberal arts tradition. Bishop Bruté students study philosophy and theology with a distinguished faculty who are actively involved in the lives of the students they teach.

Marian University is a close-knit community focused on the needs of students and committed to their education, social well-being and success. With 1,300 students, Marian University is ideal for students who are looking for personalized instruction from an outstanding faculty. Average class size is 17 and the student–faculty ratio is 12:1.

Marian University is located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana—a large and vibrant metropolitan area. Although the University is less than ten minutes from downtown, the secluded, beautiful campus is also a perfect location to provide a peaceful, quiet environment for University seminarians.


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