Official positions in the Cause

The following is a list of those who are officially involved in some way in the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of Servant of God Simon Bruté:

  • Most Rev. Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB - Ordinary Judge
  • Rev. Msgr. Frederick C. Easton, JCL - Delegated Judge
  • Rev. James R. Bonke, JCL - Promoter of Justice
  • Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, JUD - Postulator for the Cause
  • Rev. Peter Marshall - Vice Postulator
  • Rev. Daniel Mahan STL - Theological Commission
  • Mr. William Bruns MA - Theological Commission
  • Rev. Stephen Giannini, MA, MS, MDiv - Theological Commission
  • Rev. Clyde F. Crews, Ph.D. - Historical Commission
  • Rev. Albert H Ledoux, Ph.D. - Historical Commission
  • Rev. John H. Schipp - Historical Commission
  • Karen Oddi - Historical Commission
  • Joseph White Ph.D. - Historical Commission

During the opening of the Cause on Sept. 12, 2005, the following also served in an official role:

  • Ms. Heather Milligan - Assistant to Dr. Andrea Ambrosi
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen Hauck - Notary
  • Mrs. Mary Kay Summers - Assistant Notary
  • Mrs. Roseanne Huckleberry - Assistant Notary and Copier


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